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My travel agent and I agree from across the pond that the peace of mind this website gives us is phenomenal, the response was fast and I will check back when the 72 hours is up. Thank you for this peace of mind.

Mrs OB - 27th July 2018

The help I received from Luggage Point is quite exceptional, very few companies have staff that are willing to help a person, however, Luggage Point staff go above and beyond and more to locate lost items. Every single person I have spoken has been understanding, helpful and professional and could be an example to any company in terms of Customer Service and professionalism. My niece lost her iPhone on a flight from New York to Manchester and I called this company to check if it had been found. The first person I spoke with took all the relevant details, however, unfortunately the phone had not yet been handed in. I was told to try again in a couple of days, which I did, however, the phone still had not been found. I have been told to call back in a couple of days as it can take a few days for the system to be updated. Every I speak with a staff member, they are helpful, courteous and do not make me feel like I am bothering them....this is very refreshing as a customer. I wish I could give 10 stars, however, this site only allows for 5 stars.

Mrs SD - 27th July 2018

Excellent went above and beyond to find my sons teddy and get them reunited. I really thought there was no hope. Great friendly service too.

Mrs AC -22nd July 2018

I had a emailed question about shipping from EDI. I was expecting a response a couple days later, but Mr.N responded in minutes. I cannot wait for my family to use your services.

Mr WL - 7th July 2018

Well done on finding & returning my lost footwear! Took a little bit of time to track them down & get them returned but communication was good and timely enough given the number of items they have to work through.

Mr A - 4th July 2018

I lost my iPad at Terminal 1 Manchester Airport. On my return home 2 weeks later I contacted Luggage Point although I was convinced that I would never see my iPad again. The team were so helpful, kind and professional, located it for me and arranged a swift return. What a fantastic service Luggage Point provide I cannot thank them enough.

Mrs RB - 3rd July 2018

Left my wallet at security in Edinburgh and was delighted to find it had been handed in. Everyone I spoke to was polite and wanted to help me. I managed to get it back to me in less than a week by courier. Very efficient, thank you

Mr MS - 22nd June 2018

I foolishly left my cabin bag at a gate in Manchester airport. I made several phone calls to luggage point and have to say that each person I spoke to was extremely helpful and are a credit to this company. I also had contact by email and this was very efficient too. My bag has been located and I am delighted that thanks to this service my belongings will soon be returned. Thank you, you made a upsetting situation much better

Mrs LY - 21st June 2018

I lost my bangle when passing through security in Stanstead. The bangle was a very important gift i got from my husband 6 years ago. I emailed luggage point and M started helping me getting all the info he needed to confirm he had the right item to release to me. Bingo! He found it! Postage was arranged, i paid £20 retrieve fee and £15 for a dhl delivery. The package was delivered to my work address first thing this morning and was so happy to be reunited with my jewlery. Well done M, you are doing it right! Thank you Luggage point and Stanstead airport, I am a very happy person!

Mrs MB - 18th June 2018

Great Service! I have just spoken to K at Luggage-point in Stansted Airport 7.30am Wednesday 6th June. I was looking for my sons black suitcase which has been lost. She was incredibly helpful and tried her hardest to help me locate our bag. Whilst most other numbers we have called over the last few days wouldn't give us the time of day, K was polite,friendly,and willing to help. Although she was unable to reunite us with our bag, we appreciated her assistance. Thank you.

Mrs SW - 6th June 2018

Used Luggage point to send a bag a friend was bringing back to me. She found the drop off/check in process easy and I received my bag very swiftly, well wrapped and an easy experience with friendly staff. Thank You!

Mrs K - 21st May 2018

Lost my wallet on flybe plane in Amsterdam . The guys returned to luggage pick up in Birmingham Airport. Excellent. Particular thanks to S at Birmingham for sorting administration with colleagues in timely fashion @ 21:00 on a Thursday evening .. . Many Thanks to all involved ..

Mr PF - 18th May 2018

Lost my bag at securiy in Birmingham last week and collected it with no problem from your store. Staff were really helpful, polite and seemed to genuinely care

Mr ID - 14th May 2018

I called twice about a valuable item left in security at Stanstead airport, and both times the responder was extremely helpful. They gave me excellent advice, and were able to retrieve my item for me. The second person I spoke was M of the Newcastle office, who was both curteous and competent.

Mr BM - 30th April 2018

Absolutely amazed by such an efficient service at lost property, Edinburgh airport! Friday 20th April, travelled by Easyjet flight at 17h50 to Geneva, on arrival i had lost my passeport! Saturday morning spent trying to contact various services on internet, without success! Tried lost property at Edinburgh airport, by email, was ver surprised to receive an answer in a few minutes to say that my problem was being dealt with, then another mail later in the day to say nothing had been found as yet! In the evening i received a mail to say that my passeport had been found and very well explained what i needed to do tk recover this item! Arrived from Geneva tuesday 24th april at 4pm and was greeted with kindness and reassurance from the staff on duty! A huge thank you to all concerned! Job well done!

Mrs JRF - 24th April 2018

I forgot my laptop at security at Stansted. After calling in the evening a few hours after it happened they told us to wait up to 48 hours. The staff at the service line were very friendly and helpful. After about 24 hours I saw a laptop come up on their online system and called right away. My boyfriend went there and picked it up the same evening. He had to pay £20, which is a bit much but on the other hand it is a company which has to make money and it’s my fault that I forgot it - not their‘s. I was just very happy that it was there and it was in a good condition. Therefore I was very satisfied with the service.

Mrs JS - 17th April 2018

My 4 yr old lost his precious toy bunny in Stansted airport and after contacting luggage point on twitter they found it, sent me photos to confirm and made a little boy very very happy!!

Mr RB - 16th April 2018

Really pleased to have my ipad back. Lost in Glasgow at security on Saturday and S was really understanding and went the extra mile to help. Got my ipad relieved. Thank you S

Mrs GP - 16th April 2018

What absolutely brilliant service from A in your store today. He helped me find my bag just after we had left the airport and called me straight away yo say he had it safely with him in your store. Hugely appreciated first class customer service. I

Mrs IS - 3rd April 2018

Excellent efficient service, most impressive  

Mrs HD - 15th February 2018

Everyone I contacted (by email and telephone; did not visit the store) was pleasant, efficient, and helpful. Many thanks to all of them!

Mrs EM - 15th February 2018

Just like to say thank you for recovering my lost property which I had not expected I would see again. Excellent service from K. Please also pass on my thanks to staff at Stansted security who passed the item to you after I left it there.

Mr SD - 9th February 2018

Excellent, friendly customer service by B at luggage point. He helped me navigate how to get my laptop returned to me and was very helpful. Thank you!

Mrs AW - 6th February 2018

I was extremely pleased to receive my mobile phone back including all my cards and even the five pound note that was still in the case! Would just like to thank your staff especially Saira who dealt with the safe return of my phone. I hope I never have to use this service again but, it has made me realise how lucky I have been. Thankyou to everyone involved.

Mrs JH - 6th February 2018

My issue was re a lost telephone on a Thomson Flight. i found Thomson's not very helpful and their lost property dept really non exist ant.. in contrast You were very helpful both on the phone and with emails,  and thankfully a positive result. thank you.

Mr RH - 1st February 2018

I’d like to express my gratitude to the staff manning the Stansted Store airport reception desk on the 3rd January 2018, for reuniting me with an item of luggage I had lost a couple of weeks earlier. I was delighted to see how meticulously and diligently they went through the records while at the same time remaining courteous, approachable and professional. This especially praiseworthy considering I got there around noon, at a time when the terminal was very busy. Well done.

Mr AB - 11th January 2018

I did not purchase goods from luggage-point but used the service to collect pre-ordered drink and ask for assistance with lost property.  On both occasions I found the staff efficient, helpful and friendly.

Mrs HH -12th December 2017

My husband lost his hand luggage containing vital medication.  Luggage point located it, packaged it up very safely and arranged to have it sent out to my husband on holiday.  They were so helpful and - literally - have potentially saved my husband's life because some of the medicines are not available in Bulgaria.  I did not visit the store and so cannot comment on any of the points above as all my contacts were via email and phone. I cannot praise the staff or thank them enough - I am so grateful to them - they definitely went the extra mile for us..  They are absolute stars.

Mrs SMJ - 19th October 2017

The staff at GLA helped me and my wife to put together six red deer antlers to one package and made BA to accept it as one extra bag! Thank you very much!

Mr DT - 8th October 2017

Thank you so much . . . the website for real-time found items was wonderful.  Your emails and the single phone call that I made were very professionally handled.  This was probably easier than if I had left my iPAD at a TSA security checkpoint in my home states !?!?

Mr JH - 24th July 2017

Someone very kindly handed in my lost property and everything was there, including my iPhone  except the 70euro that were in the purse. J was very helpful.

Mrs SD -24th July 2017

This service was absolutely amazing. I left my Ipad on a plane and never thought I would see it again. I called on Friday morning once I got home and my Ipad is already with me. The lady on the phone was so helpful and kind. thank you so much.

Mrs CB - 4th July 2017

I lost items at security terminal one Manchester  and from moment I contacted luggage point they couldn't be more helpful. On  My initial call items were not found but staff reassured me that it was early days and to keep calling. By my 3rd call as I was about to return home the items were found and staff clearly exp,signed how I could collect my items. A brilliant service and wax do pleased with outcome as feared wouldn't see items again. Thanks to everyone involved with service

Mrs MA -16th April 2017

I have been completely astounded at the level of service I received from your lost property office, in a world of computer generated responses and automatic menu options, your team delivered outstanding personal service making me feel less of a numpty for leaving my item behind and more like a member of the royal family. Never have I encounter service like it. They were absolutely delightful and extremely helpful going above and beyond to help find my item and dealt with it efficiently. I am overwhelmed, astounded and extremely grateful. Whoever you are you should be very proud to run such an efficient professional outfit. Long may it continue. Thank you x

Mrs KT - 3rd May 2017

To whom it may concern I just wanted to tell you how well J was. I lost my mother's bangle which is priceless to me this young lady went above and beyond to help me get my mother bangle back and I am extremely humbled by her dedication to deliver brilliant service. She was a real star and a credit to your company.

Mrs JM - 12th June 2017

My wife, who first reported my suspicion that I'd left  my Kindle on the 'plane, said it was such a pleasant change to be able to get through on the 'phone without going through multiple tedious options.  We both found the staff to be pleasant, courteous, helpful and efficient. A first class service. Thank you.

Mr MH - 4th June 2017

K was really helpful, really nice and professional lady, she found my wife's phone so quick. Great job!

Mr TM - 3rd June 2017

I did not visit the store but communicated with your team by email. They responded very quickly and were very helpful even though my item was not located. I am grateful for the assistance and  though I would use the service again, I hope I will not  need it! Thank you.

Mr KM - 1st June 2017

A huge thank you to A for her courtesy and effort in trying to help me to locate my lost/stolen baggage.She made a rubbish situation slightly better by her effort and empathy.Thank you.

Mr AL - 30th May 2017

I did not visit store I rang about lost property and your assistant was v helpful. Answered quickly gave me useful info and helpful email response keeping me up to date about efforts to find my lost property. Excellent  

Mr MB - 24th May 2017

The lovely lady could not have been more helpful

Mr WM - 24th May 2017

There was no need to visit the store as we live a fair way away from B'ham however your service lady A was excellent in sorting our issue and getting our left property back to us post haste. She was both courteous and professional an asset to your company.

Mrs SB - 15th May 2017

I dealt with this service electronically as I left my laptop at the airport and I am deeply grateful and impressed at the speedy, friendly and efficient service. This is rare as a traveller these days. Many thanks

Mrs CM - 14th May 2017

I have to take a moment and express my deep gratitude to S from the Edinburgh Airport. On 4/24/17, my mother in-law, sister in-law and friend arrived at the airport to head back to the US.  While going through security, I was asked to take my scarf off.  During the pat down, my scarf was taken from my hand and run through the scanner.  In the excitement of the pat down and luggage check, I didn't realize my scarf was missing from my items until I was on the plane heading back to the US.  Needless to say, I was devastated!!!  That scarf belonged to my sweet mother who had passed away October of last year.  She was supposed to be on this trip with us.  I HAD to have that scarf back. I did some research and found a link to email the airport Missing Luggage Dept.  I said a prayer, and reached out.  After sending a second email, sharing my story, S responded and said he found my scarf.  (I had sent 2 pics to show what it looked like).  I was beside myself!!!  My husband was wondering what I was so excited about.  I literally had tears in my eyes. S was so thorough and let me know what my options were in getting it back, and when I opted to have it mailed, he was thorough with the process.  There were no surprises.  I literally got my scarf in less than a week.  I now joke and say that this is the most expensive scarf I own, but it was truly worth every penny.  In my book, it's priceless. S, thank you for going above and beyond and ensuring that my request was taken care of.  I will never forget your kind deed.

Mrs SH - 11th May 2017

This department contacted me regarding lost property following a flight from Birmingham to Glasgow. Their help and advice was second to none and the customer service was excellent. Their attitude and manner was polite, courteous and friendly. A big thank you to the team.

Mrs PD - 11th May 2017

All my dealings were done over the telephone and email.I found I was missing my keys on Monday 1st May 2017 after a trip to Germany. I called Lost Property late Monday  afternoon and they confirmed my keys were there. Now, Friday 5th May they were returned before 9am. Very happy and very thankful.

Mr IM - 5th May 2017

I would like to say a big thank you for your super service.I left my medical card in airport & you kindly sent it me through the post .thanks again

Mr TL - 14th May 2017

I lost items at security terminal 1, Manchester Airport and from moment I contacted Luggage-Point they couldn't be more helpful. On my initial call, items were not found but staff reassured me that it was early days and to keep calling. By my 3rd call as I was about to return home the items were found and staff clearly explained how I could collect my items. A brilliant service and was so pleased with outcome as feared wouldn't see items again. Thanks to everyone involved with service.

Mrs V. Anderson – 12th Feb 2017

Just a note to thank Ian for his help in tracking down my father's wallet and arranging for this to be shipped to him. Very helpful and professional service. Thanks.

Mr D.Dickinson – 4th Feb 2017

What a fantastic team. Both people were fast, efficient and extremely helpful. I lost an expensive bracelet a week ago when I travelled from Birmingham to Sorrento and to my great surprise it had been handed in and the team were able to find it within a couple of minutes. It only cost me £8.50 which was amazing value for a great service. Thank you so much.

Mrs HJ – 16th April 2016

Hi D, thank you for the email. I got my Kindle back within 30 minutes from your luggage point. Your people were just superb in their execution of their duties and I am immensely grateful to them all. In this modern world it is especially heartening to have had such a swift honest and helpful result.

Mr MH – 18th April 2016

I realised at security I lost my wallet. Panicking as there wasn't much time to get to the gate, I searched throughout Stansted. It was in Lost Property. Lady could see I was stressed & panicking about making my flight. I ran to security & realised I wasn't making it. Asked lady if I could pay to Fast-track the queue & again she could see I was in trouble & let me to the front to security! I ran & made it with seconds to spare. I would like to thank the ladies that helped me out monumentally that day. Without their kindness & sympathy I would've been stuck with no way to get home, no money to pay for transport back, friends would have boarded without knowing my situation & prepaid excursions would've been wasted. These are the types of employees you keep for life. Going above & beyond using their heart & mind to make decisions that don't affect the airline but greatly affect a customer. Due to rush I couldn't get their names, but I would just like them to know that I am eternally grateful!

Mr P – 1st May 2016

I got stuck at Stansted today as I was over weight with my luggage. I was doomed to go home not being able to fly until I met A.D. A. saved my day, I explained my predicament and coolly professionally said let me see if I can find you a bag and she did bless her and only charged me £10. I would be grateful if you would give A. a big vote of thanks from a very grateful customer All I could give her was a kiss and I did and she blushed and giggled It's a pity she is married Maybe we should make her Prime Minister? Thank you again A!

Mr M – 29th April 2016

I just wanted to say a big thank you for returning my purse that I mislaid on my flight over three weeks ago! I was so relieved to hear you'd located it and even more surprised to find all my contents and cash were still inside - including a small hidden picture of my son - which is what I was more upset about. It arrived exactly as promised by DHL today as was worth every penny of the reclaim and postage fee. Please pass my heart felt thanks to all at luggage point and the person who found it and handed it in - thank you.

Mrs JE – 30th May 2016

Dear J, I really want to write to say how absolutely super the customer service has been which you have provided this evening for shipping the laptop out. I appreciate that likely this will mean you would be late leaving but your attention to getting this out to us is really really appreciated. Your manner on the phone is absolutely reassuring and helpful I am completely impressed. One imagines that lost luggage at Manchester is a faceless wilderness with long call waiting experiences and being passed around with no sense that any one cares - my experience has been absolutely the opposite - I would say it has been the best customer experience I have had. It was excellent ! Well done. With best wishes and sincerest thanks for your help and excellent service.

Mrs C – 20th April 2016

Dear L, I feel so impressed by the services at Manchester Lost Property that I thought it worth writing in . Truly the approach and positive straightforward and highly reassuring manner which you and your team operate with is excellent. It is absolutely wonderful and I can not think of any customer service experience to date that has been as good. Really - I don’t know how you all do it as I'm sure that you have quite stressful pressures and so forth and demanding callers. You seem calm and incredibly helpful and logical regarding your assistance and this has turned what would have been a very fraught experience into one where I felt very very confident that all would be well . The shipping on service is really super too. I would also say that you could likely increase that 20 Quid fee as for a laptop - I know I would have been OK with paying a little more ( but shush don’t tell the other customers that :-) ). Really excellent service thank you so much.

Ms M – 21st April 2016

Dear N, Thank you very much for your confirmation and details of the courier and shipping of the iPad. We would like to thank you all for the first rate help we have been given. Thanks very much A, J and yourself. Best regards Hi there, I just wanted to send an email to express my gratitude, and let you know how impressed I have been with your customer service. I must admit, when I realised my bag was missing, I thought there'd be absolutely no chance of getting it back and that the whole process would be a nightmare. I was completely wrong, I have been kept updated from start to finish and all the staff I have dealt with have been fantastic. N called me on Saturday to tell me my bag had been found with all the contents in it, and I am absolutely over the moon. Thank you so much again for all your efforts! It really has made my week.

Ms L – 24th May 2016

Dear Manager Lost a shoulder bag in Lufthansa flight 942 , Frankfurt to Manchester. There was a prompt response to our mail and phone reporting, asking us to contact next day (Sunday). We were contacted next day, we were given clear instructions to get to the lost property office. Chris was good enough to contact me while in airport on his own initiative on Sunday at 2:30 PM. Service was courteous and for a round the world senior travellers- half way through the trip, it was a most welcome experience. Particularly among important personal data like iPad, iPhone, there was also my prescription medicine. I would thank the officer on duty and all those who enforce an effective system in place.

Mr & Mrs C.K.B 21st May 2016

Thank you for handling my claim so quickly and efficiently. My laptop arrived yesterday in good working order. I am so relieved and appreciative. The Edinburgh airport is joy to travel through!

L T – 10th November 2015

Thank you so much for all your assistance in this matter. I can't tell how happy I was when my father's backpack was located. I wanted this trip to be something he will always remember and now all of it will be a happy memory. I will be forever grateful. Sincerely.

L K – 12th November 2015

Dear team! I have no words To Thank You all!! Thank You sooo much!! You're incredible!! Best Regards!!

B S – 8th September 2015

Dear B, I am very pleased to let you know that my black bag arrived this afternoon by DHL with all the contents intact. My life is now normal and I want to thank you and your team for all the help. This is great service with a special plus for the Edinburgh Lost and Found department!

C M – 22nd August 2015

Dear Madam or Sir I left an I pad on a plane at Glasgow Airport this week. I received excellent service from your staff at the airport, who replied to my email very quickly and had informed within hours that they had the item in question. It would be good if you can pass on my thanks for the quality of service I received. With thanks

T H – 14th August 2015

I was delighted with the service I received having left my suitcases with Luggage-point when my flight was delayed. The staff were extremely friendly and greeted me with a big smile – which was nice as I was feeling very stressed! Using their Left Luggage service allowed me to relax and spend time entertaining the children while we waited without the hassle of struggling with suitcases in the terminal. Thank you.

M.M. 24th July 2014

To Lost Property Personnel, My husband and I would like to thank all of the staff who helped us find our lost property. We really appreciate everything they did to help us find our luggage. Once again, thank you for all of your help. It will not be forgotten.

C.M. 19th September 2014

Dear Guys, Many thanks for getting my laptop and glasses back. You are doing a great job and the way you handled my phone conversations and your constant effort and help to get the laptop back was really awesome. If I will lose my laptop or anything else which is very precious I will do it on my flight to Glasgow:-) We recently left an iPhone at the security gates, and the phone was returned to us by your company. We were very pleased and relieved to get the phone back promptly. All communication and instructions were clear and prompt, and we were able to communicate easily by both email and telephone. Having someone at the other end of a phone was a real positive. I also very much appreciated that a member of staff rang us from the missing phone on the night we lost it, telling us it was in safe hands and was going to be handed in to lost property. This was very reassuring. This may not have been one of your staff, but it represents good communication which meant a lot to us.

K.L. 7th April 2015

Just wanted to let you know I found my glasses at home after all!!!!! But by way of feedback I found Luggage point staff excellent. Thanks for all your help.

D.O. 16th September 2014

Thank you for finding my lost black messenger bag, I, am delighted to get it back the contents of the bag are in tact so pleased with your great service Thank you again.

G.G. 24 February 2015

A note to compliment you and all your staff over first-class efficiency over the recovery of my rucksack which I lost when returning from Germany some weeks ago. Their e-mails and service was exceptional. I had given up after some three weeks when I received the e-mail notifying me that it had appeared. If only all other services were so efficient and friendly. Best wishes to all your staff. The two I saw last Saturday at about 07:15hrs were superb.

B.M. 24th July 2014

Dear Team, Thank you very much for sorting out and sending my lost iPad, which arrived safely in Portsmouth yesterday via an excellent courier service. I am very impressed with your efficiency and helpfulness.

S.F. 12th May 2015

I just wanted to write to commend the excellent service I received today from Luggage Point. When I realised I had lost my driving licence on my return journey from Palma 5 days ago, I contacted the Spanish car hire company and checked the Edinburgh Airport website. I phoned the Airport number provided and was astounded to have my call answered immediately in person. C W was friendly and extremely helpful and not only confirmed on his computer that they had my lost document. The service he provided was outstanding and I would like to congratulate him and the airport on the efficiency of the lost and found department.

J.W. 6th April 2014

Hello I've just spoken to a lovely girl called J through lost luggage at the airport due to my dad left his black iPhone 4 in a black leather case at customs. J confirmed with me that it was indeed his phone and gave me the instructions to contact you. My dad flew with you today Iphone 4 black in a black leather case Thank you very much for your professional and polite staff.

N.C. 17th August 2014

Hi, I just wanted to say how GREAT D & K were in helping me to recover my lost laptop on Thursday 4th June. D in particular was incredibly helpful in tracking the (very important!) laptop down. Great to see such proactive and helpful customer service! Please pass them both my thanks!

J.U. 13th June 2015

Please note my iPad has been found and I will be collecting it from the Birmingham office tomorrow morning. Thanks to all for the excellent service I have received when calling over the last few days.

M.H. 24th February 2015

I'd like to point out that the young man who helped me was very kind and helpful. My plane was late and he didn't just shut the door on me but rather went above and beyond to be of great service. I was very grateful for his sensitivity to client's needs. I wish I had his name as it's always nice to know when an employee goes above and beyond.

J.K. 22nd June 2015

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