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I lost items at security terminal 1, Manchester Airport and from moment I contacted Luggage-Point they couldn't be more helpful. On my initial call, items were not found but staff reassured me that it was early days and to keep calling. By my 3rd call as I was about to return home the items were found and staff clearly explained how I could collect my items. A brilliant service and was so pleased with outcome as feared wouldn't see items again. Thanks to everyone involved with service.

Mrs V. Anderson – 12th Feb 2017

Just a note to thank Ian for his help in tracking down my father's wallet and arranging for this to be shipped to him. Very helpful and professional service. Thanks.

Mr D.Dickinson – 4th Feb 2017

What a fantastic team. Both people were fast, efficient and extremely helpful. I lost an expensive bracelet a week ago when I travelled from Birmingham to Sorrento and to my great surprise it had been handed in and the team were able to find it within a couple of minutes. It only cost me £8.50 which was amazing value for a great service. Thank you so much.

Mrs HJ – 16th April 2016

Hi D, thank you for the email. I got my Kindle back within 30 minutes from your luggage point. Your people were just superb in their execution of their duties and I am immensely grateful to them all. In this modern world it is especially heartening to have had such a swift honest and helpful result.

Mr MH – 18th April 2016

I realised at security I lost my wallet. Panicking as there wasn't much time to get to the gate, I searched throughout Stansted. It was in Lost Property. Lady could see I was stressed & panicking about making my flight. I ran to security & realised I wasn't making it. Asked lady if I could pay to Fast-track the queue & again she could see I was in trouble & let me to the front to security! I ran & made it with seconds to spare. I would like to thank the ladies that helped me out monumentally that day. Without their kindness & sympathy I would've been stuck with no way to get home, no money to pay for transport back, friends would have boarded without knowing my situation & prepaid excursions would've been wasted. These are the types of employees you keep for life. Going above & beyond using their heart & mind to make decisions that don't affect the airline but greatly affect a customer. Due to rush I couldn't get their names, but I would just like them to know that I am eternally grateful!

Mr P – 1st May 2016

I got stuck at Stansted today as I was over weight with my luggage. I was doomed to go home not being able to fly until I met A.D. A. saved my day, I explained my predicament and coolly professionally said let me see if I can find you a bag and she did bless her and only charged me £10. I would be grateful if you would give A. a big vote of thanks from a very grateful customer All I could give her was a kiss and I did and she blushed and giggled It's a pity she is married Maybe we should make her Prime Minister? Thank you again A!

Mr M – 29th April 2016

I just wanted to say a big thank you for returning my purse that I mislaid on my flight over three weeks ago! I was so relieved to hear you'd located it and even more surprised to find all my contents and cash were still inside - including a small hidden picture of my son - which is what I was more upset about. It arrived exactly as promised by DHL today as was worth every penny of the reclaim and postage fee. Please pass my heart felt thanks to all at luggage point and the person who found it and handed it in - thank you.

Mrs JE – 30th May 2016

Dear J, I really want to write to say how absolutely super the customer service has been which you have provided this evening for shipping the laptop out. I appreciate that likely this will mean you would be late leaving but your attention to getting this out to us is really really appreciated. Your manner on the phone is absolutely reassuring and helpful I am completely impressed. One imagines that lost luggage at Manchester is a faceless wilderness with long call waiting experiences and being passed around with no sense that any one cares - my experience has been absolutely the opposite - I would say it has been the best customer experience I have had. It was excellent ! Well done. With best wishes and sincerest thanks for your help and excellent service.

Mrs C – 20th April 2016

Dear L, I feel so impressed by the services at Manchester Lost Property that I thought it worth writing in . Truly the approach and positive straightforward and highly reassuring manner which you and your team operate with is excellent. It is absolutely wonderful and I can not think of any customer service experience to date that has been as good. Really - I don’t know how you all do it as I'm sure that you have quite stressful pressures and so forth and demanding callers. You seem calm and incredibly helpful and logical regarding your assistance and this has turned what would have been a very fraught experience into one where I felt very very confident that all would be well . The shipping on service is really super too. I would also say that you could likely increase that 20 Quid fee as for a laptop - I know I would have been OK with paying a little more ( but shush don’t tell the other customers that :-) ). Really excellent service thank you so much.

Ms M – 21st April 2016

Dear N, Thank you very much for your confirmation and details of the courier and shipping of the iPad. We would like to thank you all for the first rate help we have been given. Thanks very much A, J and yourself. Best regards Hi there, I just wanted to send an email to express my gratitude, and let you know how impressed I have been with your customer service. I must admit, when I realised my bag was missing, I thought there'd be absolutely no chance of getting it back and that the whole process would be a nightmare. I was completely wrong, I have been kept updated from start to finish and all the staff I have dealt with have been fantastic. N called me on Saturday to tell me my bag had been found with all the contents in it, and I am absolutely over the moon. Thank you so much again for all your efforts! It really has made my week.

Ms L – 24th May 2016

Dear Manager Lost a shoulder bag in Lufthansa flight 942 , Frankfurt to Manchester. There was a prompt response to our mail and phone reporting, asking us to contact next day (Sunday). We were contacted next day, we were given clear instructions to get to the lost property office. Chris was good enough to contact me while in airport on his own initiative on Sunday at 2:30 PM. Service was courteous and for a round the world senior travellers- half way through the trip, it was a most welcome experience. Particularly among important personal data like iPad, iPhone, there was also my prescription medicine. I would thank the officer on duty and all those who enforce an effective system in place.

Mr & Mrs C.K.B 21st May 2016

Thank you for handling my claim so quickly and efficiently. My laptop arrived yesterday in good working order. I am so relieved and appreciative. The Edinburgh airport is joy to travel through!

L T – 10th November 2015

Thank you so much for all your assistance in this matter. I can't tell how happy I was when my father's backpack was located. I wanted this trip to be something he will always remember and now all of it will be a happy memory. I will be forever grateful. Sincerely.

L K – 12th November 2015

Dear team! I have no words To Thank You all!! Thank You sooo much!! You're incredible!! Best Regards!!

B S – 8th September 2015

Dear B, I am very pleased to let you know that my black bag arrived this afternoon by DHL with all the contents intact. My life is now normal and I want to thank you and your team for all the help. This is great service with a special plus for the Edinburgh Lost and Found department!

C M – 22nd August 2015

Dear Madam or Sir I left an I pad on a plane at Glasgow Airport this week. I received excellent service from your staff at the airport, who replied to my email very quickly and had informed within hours that they had the item in question. It would be good if you can pass on my thanks for the quality of service I received. With thanks

T H – 14th August 2015

I was delighted with the service I received having left my suitcases with Luggage-point when my flight was delayed. The staff were extremely friendly and greeted me with a big smile – which was nice as I was feeling very stressed! Using their Left Luggage service allowed me to relax and spend time entertaining the children while we waited without the hassle of struggling with suitcases in the terminal. Thank you.

M.M. 24th July 2014

To Lost Property Personnel, My husband and I would like to thank all of the staff who helped us find our lost property. We really appreciate everything they did to help us find our luggage. Once again, thank you for all of your help. It will not be forgotten.

C.M. 19th September 2014

Dear Guys, Many thanks for getting my laptop and glasses back. You are doing a great job and the way you handled my phone conversations and your constant effort and help to get the laptop back was really awesome. If I will lose my laptop or anything else which is very precious I will do it on my flight to Glasgow:-) We recently left an iPhone at the security gates, and the phone was returned to us by your company. We were very pleased and relieved to get the phone back promptly. All communication and instructions were clear and prompt, and we were able to communicate easily by both email and telephone. Having someone at the other end of a phone was a real positive. I also very much appreciated that a member of staff rang us from the missing phone on the night we lost it, telling us it was in safe hands and was going to be handed in to lost property. This was very reassuring. This may not have been one of your staff, but it represents good communication which meant a lot to us.

K.L. 7th April 2015

Just wanted to let you know I found my glasses at home after all!!!!! But by way of feedback I found Luggage point staff excellent. Thanks for all your help.

D.O. 16th September 2014

Thank you for finding my lost black messenger bag, I, am delighted to get it back the contents of the bag are in tact so pleased with your great service Thank you again.

G.G. 24 February 2015

A note to compliment you and all your staff over first-class efficiency over the recovery of my rucksack which I lost when returning from Germany some weeks ago. Their e-mails and service was exceptional. I had given up after some three weeks when I received the e-mail notifying me that it had appeared. If only all other services were so efficient and friendly. Best wishes to all your staff. The two I saw last Saturday at about 07:15hrs were superb.

B.M. 24th July 2014

Dear Team, Thank you very much for sorting out and sending my lost iPad, which arrived safely in Portsmouth yesterday via an excellent courier service. I am very impressed with your efficiency and helpfulness.

S.F. 12th May 2015

I just wanted to write to commend the excellent service I received today from Luggage Point. When I realised I had lost my driving licence on my return journey from Palma 5 days ago, I contacted the Spanish car hire company and checked the Edinburgh Airport website. I phoned the Airport number provided and was astounded to have my call answered immediately in person. C W was friendly and extremely helpful and not only confirmed on his computer that they had my lost document. The service he provided was outstanding and I would like to congratulate him and the airport on the efficiency of the lost and found department.

J.W. 6th April 2014

Hello I've just spoken to a lovely girl called J through lost luggage at the airport due to my dad left his black iPhone 4 in a black leather case at customs. J confirmed with me that it was indeed his phone and gave me the instructions to contact you. My dad flew with you today Iphone 4 black in a black leather case Thank you very much for your professional and polite staff.

N.C. 17th August 2014

Hi, I just wanted to say how GREAT D & K were in helping me to recover my lost laptop on Thursday 4th June. D in particular was incredibly helpful in tracking the (very important!) laptop down. Great to see such proactive and helpful customer service! Please pass them both my thanks!

J.U. 13th June 2015

Please note my iPad has been found and I will be collecting it from the Birmingham office tomorrow morning. Thanks to all for the excellent service I have received when calling over the last few days.

M.H. 24th February 2015

I'd like to point out that the young man who helped me was very kind and helpful. My plane was late and he didn't just shut the door on me but rather went above and beyond to be of great service. I was very grateful for his sensitivity to client's needs. I wish I had his name as it's always nice to know when an employee goes above and beyond.

J.K. 22nd June 2015

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