Mail it On

Have you had an item confiscated at Security? With Mail it On, you don’t have to worry about losing your possessions for good. By completing the form below, you can arrange for your item to be posted to your eventual destination, your home address or alternatively stored securely at the airport until your return.


1. Simply take your Mail It On form and peel the sticker with your unique reference number off the form. Attach this to your item, deposit it into the Mail it On Postbox.
2. Proceed through security safe in the knowledge that your item isn’t gone forever!
3. Using your Mail It On form, log on to our website and complete a quote request.
4. Luggage-Point will contact you to provide a quote for your preferred choice – shipping or storage.

The Luggage-Point Mail it On service is offered subject to our Terms and Conditions, which can be found here.

The airport where your item was confiscated.
Please include country/area code
Please include currency
Please include currency
Please enter the full reference from your mail it on leaflet. It has 3 letters followed by numbers


Please ensure You fully understand the Terms and Conditions of the Mail it On service which can be found at the start of this form (above the Airport selection box), before you submit your request.

Airport Security Officials are employed by the relevant airport authority and have the power to seize and destroy any item they confiscate from You. Luggage-Point cannot be held liable for items which airport security have not provided to Us (whether or not you have been provided with a Mail it On slip or reference number).

Some items including snowglobes are not suitable for the Mail it On service and may be destroyed in line with the
Terms and Conditions .


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