Bag Wrapping

Once checked in, do you know who has your luggage and where?

If you’re worried about your items being damaged or tampered with, Luggage-Point’s Bag Wrapping service can be used to protect anything from your suitcases, to your skis, to your child’s pushchair to give you that extra peace of mind while you fly.

Our Bag Wrapping service protects your luggage from damage, accidental opening, foul weather/water/oil damage and daily wear and tear whilst deterring thieves and wrongdoers from interfering with your belongings.

Your baggage will be wrapped with excellent care and attention by our dedicated and experienced team for as little as £10 per bag. Larger Items (E.g. Pushchairs, Golf Clubs etc) may be charged slightly more.

This service is available across all Luggage-Point locations in Birmingham, Edinburgh and Glasgow Airports. Look out for the Luggage-Point team in the terminal for more information.


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